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The company may be best known for its fabric covers. Now they’ve moved forward with their design by creating Fab-straps; their artisans create watch straps using fabric and leather selected for their quality and beauty. Lens recognizes that in the technology-centered world of today, smart watches and iPhones are more than just gadgets; they’re part of the overall ensemble. Fab-straps, which can be color-coordinated to match, are accessories that capitalize on the fashion sense of the times. They’re ideal for the young and stylish, but in truth, they’re suited for anyone who wants their watch to be more than just a useful-but-dull piece of technology. Individuality is easy to cultivate when a product like Fab-straps is around

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What to expect of the market for the following years:

March 29, 2016

It's clear that consumers interest is there for smartwatches, for both new brands and the established Swiss mechanical watchmakers. The trends shows that 2015 was... Read More

Fabricovers Watch straps

March 16, 2015

NEW Watch straps for Apple Watch and for Conventional watches. Soon you will get special watch straps (like the iphone/tablet covers) matching them both, specially... Read More

Custom Branding Covers

March 16, 2015

Fabricovers can be embossed or fully printed,  your logo on a cover for the iphone/Samsung phone/tablet covers. Full color printing can be High resolution, depending... Read More

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Fabricovers is licensed by Apple® and Manufactured in Europe
Fab-Straps: Fashion watch straps- watch bands for the Apple watch,
Smart watches like Samsung, Sony, Asus, Motorola, pebble and all conventional watches like, Seiko, Ice Watch, Rolex, Breitling, Guess, and others.
Manufactured in Europe, the fabric Fab-straps are available in ten different designs which are durable and of high quality, and hand-crafted by Europeans artisans. The leather Fab-straps come in ten colors ranging from classy to flashy for you to choose from. With the adapter, It takes about ten seconds to change the strap, so you have all the time you need to accessorise your watch to your mood and the occasion.
Luxury watch straps - Luxury Sports watch bands for the Apple watch are the best quality and best finish handmade by artisans.
Fabricovers: Stick-it - Change-it - Reuse-it
Designs - Copyright and Manufacturing by Gmlens 2016